The provençal climate is of great help to vinegrowing because the vine is greedy for heat and can bear drought. The Mediterranean climate which plays a key role in our terroir is known to be mild in winter, hot in summer with low rainfall. Our vineyard benefits at the same time from the sun of the South of France and the wind from the North, called "Mistral", which dries everything up when it's damp and also cools air when it's very hot.


The quality and the fertility of our soils combined with the numerous grape varieties enable us to obtain the strength, the balance and the aromatic sophistication of our wines. For this, our vineyard extends across on different types of soils. Clay and limestone soils produce "generous" , coloured and dense wines with  powerful aromas whereas dry, stone soils offer pleasant, elegant, fine and fruity wines.
Most of our land areas is also strewn with big stones which bring into the soil a diffused heat that helps the grapes to grow and mature. These stones are also of help for drainage, while the clay catches water and brings it to the vine in dry periods.
The Terroir

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