Vines contribute to the beauty of our landscapes.
We have the privilege to have an ancestral vineyard, with different and fertile soils that benefit from the climate of the South of France.

Vineyard work
The quality of our wines comes directly from the natural assets of Provence and the hard work of the winemaker. We follow each step of the growth and maturation of the grapes with great care. Our working methods are diligent and we only sparingly use pesticides and other chemicals. We aim at practising an environmentally conscious agriculture.

 Grape varieties
Our various grape varieties, as well as our terroir, contribute to the unique taste of wines from Côtes du Rhône. The ability to blend the local grape varieties offers us a huge range of possible combinations to create our wines.
Red Grape
At the Domaine Saint-Pierre, the main  red grape variety grown is Grenache.
It brings alcoholic fullness, colour and roundness. It produces supple fat wines with red and black fruits, pepper, fig and tobacco aromas. It thrives in arid climates and its rigidity allows it to face the wind that blows a lot in our region. In an earlier time, strongly alcoholic wines were much appreciated. Those wines sometimes reached 17° of alcohol. Today, the Grenache is often blend with Syrah, Mourvèdre and Carignan; varietals which tone down its temperament.
The Syrah variety, which is fond of poor soils and hot weather is easy to make into wine: it's the necessity of an artist-vintner. It benefits from ideal growing conditions on our privileged and suitable estates and produces first class wine with licorice, musk, truffle, black currant and spice aromas. The abundance of sunlight makes its alcoholic concentration rise which permits us to produce powerful wines with intense bouquet which can well mature for a long time in the cellar.

As for the Mourvèdre, it has much success with vintners who prefer originality and genuineness. Thanks to the hot weather of our region, this grape variety with its strong character, while often underestimated, offers long-lived traditional wines with violet flower, olive or burnt jam aromas.

The last one is the Carignan variety which brings  red and black fruits notes (blackberries, plums, cherries, raspberries) as well as leather and scrubland fragrance.
Among our white grape varieties, there is White Grenache which has the same growth specificities as the red and permits us to produce wines which are long on the palate.
Roussanne and Marsanne varieties, in the same proportion, bring sophistication and strength, and produce dry light elegant wines able to mature for a long time. Their floral aromas are particularly intense.
At last, the Clairette variety offers us its typical peachtree flowers, grapefruit, dried fruits, lime blossom and jennet aromas.
White Grape
The Vines

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Understand and know this and consume alcohol in moderation.

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