The harvest
Once the harvest is complete, much work still remains to be done all year round. To make great wines, we must carefully check each step that takes the grapes from vines to tanks. From August on, we regularly analyze the grapes to follow their level of ripeness and their 

health. Thus, we are certain to find just the right balance for each particular wine varietal. We ensure each harvest at the very best moment, vineyard by vineyard. 


The entire harvest has been made into wine in our warehouses since 1933. Our warehouse was enlarged and modernised in 1988 with the purchase of inoxidizable steel tanks  which use the streaming method for cooling.
We aim to strike just the right balance between the use of modern "hi-tech" devices like pneumatic presses and the use of our ancestral skills that  have shown  their expertise for generations, much to the pleasure of fine wine seekers.

When the containers arrive, seeds and stems are immediately removed from the grapes, which are then put into tanks after crushing. Tanks are filled from the top. The fermentation on the skins lasts for 21 to 28 days. The temperature of fermentation is controlled to preserve aromas and ensure easy removal of the grape skins. We punch down the caps every day. Frequent analysis allows us to check the process of fermentation to make sure it is going well. In this way, we always have a perfect control of each step of the wine making process so that we can offer you high quality wines, that we know will meet your expectations.
We are working logdays but that's the only way to turn the juice into great wine.

Wine farming
If we may consider fermentation at the birth of wine, then farming is its gestation. Our individual grape varieties are blended together after tasting and the actual blend itself varies each year vintage to vintage. The farming process is done with particular care. Our red wines are aged in oak barrels for several months, and then blended before bottling.
The bottling process has been done at our vineyard since 1972.

Bottling is an important and difficult step, which we take much care. The bottles are stored in the best possible conditions until they are sold or shipped (we store them in our air-conditionned warehouse).
Each year, we produce about 70,000 bottles, of all our wines together.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Understand and know this and consume alcohol in moderation.

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